At Home Teeth Whitening

Our custom fabricated whitening trays provide excellent whitening results, are great for managing sensitivity, and are very cost effective.



We believe that a clean mouth plays a very important role in your health. We offer various procedures for cleaning teeth. We can treat all needs from a routine prophy to complicated tartar removal..


White Fillings

Simply put, fillings are used to treat dental decay. All of our filling materials are tooth colored, highly esthetic, and of great quality.


Implant Crowns

We have great success with dental implants. Our team is very comfortable working with dental implants and we deal with them many times throughout a single day. We work hand in hand with great specialists who assist in the surgical side of the process. From there, we may choose to restore an implant with one of many types of restorations. We routinely fabricate abutments, crowns, bridges, and even full arch restorations, all of which may be supported by dental implants.


Laser Dentistry

We provide soft tissue laser dentistry. Our diode laser may be used in various surgical procedures. It also may be used to treat localized areas of gum disease.


Though our goal is to save teeth, tooth removal is sometimes necessary. We perform tooth extractions and various other surgical procedures.


Root Canals

A tooth may become painful or infected, in which case, performing a root canal procedure may be necessary to save the tooth. Our office refers complex root canal treatments to local qualified specialists that assist our patients in receiving the highest quality care.



Removable tooth replacements provide the simplest and most cost effective alternative for replacing missing teeth. These can be made for a patient who is missing some or even all of their teeth. Highly aesthetic, metal free products are now available.



We perform simple orthodontic procedures, yet in complex cases we may discuss referral to a local highly qualified specialist.


Sleep Apnea Appliances

This appliance helps promote a deeper, more restful sleep by preventing snoring and relieving the symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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